Friday, August 06, 2010

Congratulations For Ur Decision To Join Neobux.

What Is Neobux:

NeoBux is the best and 5 star rated ptc website in the ptc industry and you get paid just by browsing sponsor's ads.
Unlike many other paid to click ptc websites, Neobux always pays your payments instantly within seconds. Joining NeoBux is completely Free", you can start earning "Free Money' right away.
So what do you have to do to start making money? All you have to do is spend a few minutes around 5 to 10 minutes each day clicking on ads.

How to make money from neobux:

Surfing the net is amusing and educational. Neobux is a paid to click website that pay you for surfing their ads. It is very easy and it is absolutely free you just visit their ads which take only few minutes and you can earn solid income online.

Till now the success percentage of this site is 78% where 78 out 100 people are earning money but remaining 22 people have not earned due their lack of motivation and self confidence according to me.

Exactly how much do i earn:

Whenever you click on an advertisement, you have to wait for 30 seconds before your account gets credited with a certain amount of money. In the case of NeoBux you'll get paid $0.01 for each click, just like on many other PTC's around the web. As a standard member, you'll usually see an average of around 4 to 6 ads per day. Therefore for 4 ads you earn 0.04$.

i know ur question, and right know u are thinking that what can do with amount", its negligible, But the cool thing is it has a catch.

The catch is there are thousands of members earning 100's of Dollars$ per day by only clicking 4 know how to earn that 100 dollars continue reading below. or Click the link at the end of the page to Join

Some Payment Proofs:

How to Earn 50$ to 100 $ per day Clicking 4 ads for 3-5 minutes:

Choose a time of day that you can click your 4 ads daily

Click till u get 2.5$ Dollars in your main balance ( U should have Patience till here)

After U get 2.5$ in ur Account, nobody can stop u from earning money

Rent 3 refferals From Neobux rental System (These 3 referrals will Click for u and earn u money)

But the validity of these referrals in only 30 days, So extend Them To 90 days By Paying 1.8$ (Remember That you are not paying money, but the money which u earned by clicking your 4 ads daily...Good Isnt' it?

So 0.75+1.8=2.55$ (2.55 is the money which u earned by clicking and then rented and extended ur referrals..

I u have understood till here means rest is simple

Lets calculate earnings per day:

Your ads clicks = 4 clicks

Your rented referrals ads clicks = 3(rented) X 4(ads) = 12 clicks

(Note: Remember each referral of urs gets 4 ads so if u have 3 refferals they get 3 x 4 =12 ads..easy)

So ur clicks + rented referral clicks = 4 + 12 = 16 clicks

Each click cost u 0.01$ so = 16 x 0.01= 0.16$ per day

So ur earnings per day is 0.16$, Per Week is 1.12$, Per month is= 0.16 x 30 = 4.8$

Earning Strategy For Weeks:

First week
= 1.12$ u have 3 referrals

Second Week : rent another 3 refferals= 1.96$ u have 6 referrals

Third Week : rent Another 3 referrals = 3.36$ u have 9 referrals

Fourth Week : now Instead Of renting 3 referrals, rent 6 referrals = 5.84$ u have 15 referrals

Fifth Week : now Instead Of renting 6 referrals, rent 10 referrals = 6.44$ u have 25 referrals

Sixth Week : rent Another 10 Referrals = 9.24$ u have 35 referrals

Seventh Week : now Instead Of renting 10 referrals, rent 25 referrals = 16.24$ u have 65 referrals

Eight Week : rent another 25 referrals = 28.28$ u have 85 referrals

Now the Game Starts...It Costs u around 25$ to rent 100 referrals and that is the maximum limit,

From Now onwards u keep renting referrals till u get 2000 referrals, Any money that you are not using to referral maintenance or renting is profit for you. In between also u can make cashouts but i strictly suggest u not to cashout till u get 2000 referrals except emergency

And an average pure profit if u have 2000 referrals is 50$ to 100$ per day (Depends on how u spend ur money or maintainence)

Final Words To u:

So, What i say is opportunities don't come always, So don't miss it. Also their is no second word to talk about this website as this is the most trusted one on the net. Instead of Acting Today act now itself and register to this Website as their is nothing to lose. I also previously came in search of money making opportunities like you and utilized this opportunity and i am satisfied money earner today. The purpose of this hub is their are many people like you who dont know about this, so i decided to start spreading news about this. Anyways all the best to u.

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